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Integrity Timber Shop is your complete custom timber experts. We offer the following services, if you need something else contact us, and we can likely accommodate you.


• Design Services
• Engineering
• Shop Drawings
• Cutting
• Pre-Staining
• Assembly Drawings and Instructions
• True Mortise and Tenon
• Traditional Joinery
• Timber Frame and Post and Beam techniques

We can also provide Technical Supervision as well as an installation team if required.
Timing is can be estimated at 8 to 12 weeks subject to size and scope of the project.
We ship across North America.

Please send us your construction drawings and we would be happy to provide an estimate.
Send your plans to info@integrityhomeandcottage.com

Send us your plans and ideas and we would
love to give you a proposal on how we can provide
quality timbers for your project.

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