Integrity Timber Shop was born of Decades of Building Timber Frame, and Post and Beam Homes and Cottages.

We are committed to precise design and workmanship, we have designed, cut, stained and installed our own timbers for our all our projects.  We understand the impact quality workmanship will have on your cottage or home projects.

To us Skill, Precision and Expertise Matter.

From time to time over the years we have worked with other builders to provide for their timber needs. It is through their feedback that we have decided to offer our service and product to the broader construction community that seeks quality design and workmanship in their timber projects. We now offer our expertise to design, engineer, cut and stain timber and post and beam solutions for your construction projects.

Send us your plans and ideas and we would
love to give you a proposal on how we can provide
quality timbers for your project.

Complete Design Services

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Engineering and Erection

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Structural Timber Frame

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Timber Frame Interiors

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Timber Frame Entries

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Decorative Timber Elements

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